Miki sakai

principal photographer

As far as I can remember, I have always loved being creative.

I loved to draw as a kid, I became an Architect (which I still practice today along with photography), I love dancing, and above all, I love the creative process of photography.

For me, it's always been the human connection and intimate stories that fascinates me that I have been so eager to capture.

The way I view the world through my lens has been influenced by where I have been in my life so far. I am Japanese born, but have lived in London, New York, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, and now in Sydney. I love coming from a mixed cultural background and I am certain that is why I love meeting, talking, and connecting with people and learning from them about their different experiences and perspectives in life.

MY story-telling PHOTOGRAPHY

I believe in the importance of photographs becoming keepsakes or heirlooms in years and perhaps even generations to come. It's so powerful to think that what is being recorded at present could be passed on and loved and treasured by so many in the future.

I know this first hand because my grandfather, an amateur photographer who passed away decades ago, documented a beautiful series of photographs of me as a newborn. When I look at these photos today, I can feel the joy, excitement, nervousness, warmth and all the mixed emotions of my parents and family members. The careful attention and dedication that was given to capture the small details and expressions through a series of every day moments.

I aspire to be a great story-teller through my photography. Whether it is with a single or a series of photographs, I hope to capture and narrate your authentic and original story.

Miki Sakai Photography - Photographer - About

Above and below: Photo of me taken by my husband in Tasmania










Above: Life in beautiful Sydney, Australia

Miki Sakai Photography - About - My family photographs 1

Above and below: Some photographs taken of me and my family by my late grandfather

Miki Sakai Photography - About - My family photographs 2
Miki Sakai Photography - About - My family photographs 3
Miki Sakai Photography - About - My family photographs 4

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